Well, it’s that time of year.

So, now comes the annual debate with myself – do I study? or do I play video games and read the books I bought myself for Christmas? How can I put down “Death from the Skies” when it’s just so frigging good? How can I stop playing WoW…ever? Even right now, what am I doing? I’m blogging, for crying out loud. If ever there was a perfect procrastination tool, blogging is it.

I’m doomed.

UPDATE: I printed my notes…then I played video games. I even did a dungeon…until we got pwned by the first boss due to lack of heals (well I mean, the healer was working his ass off but it still wasn’t enough due to the massive curses etc. even despite our heavy AoEs). Sigh. I’m so getting B’s this semester. :)


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