Dollhouse Review

Last Friday I caught the premier of Joss Whedon’s new show, Dollhouse.


Although the first 10-15 minutes was a tad slow, that is to be expected from a first show that has to provide viewers with the right amount of context for the story being told. Regardless, the following 45 minutes was packed with awesome. My non-empirical evidence for this was that my 12 year-old niece actually managed to sit through the whole thing and be interested even though it had nothing to do with Hannah Montana and my sister was promptly enthralled even though she missed the first 20 minutes because she was on her way home from work.

I won’t go into plot details, in case there are those who hadn’t seen it that plan to, but I will give this advice – see it. If you missed the first airing, don’t let that be a deterrent to watching the rest of the show. Go download it (ahem – legally of course – [wipes brow]), tape a repeat, whatever.

My worry though is that Fox in its “infinite wisdom” has sentenced the show to a Friday night time slot. Fox has a history of not treating shows that well (ex: Roar, Firefly) so I worry about Dollhouse because it got “only” 4 million viewers. Now considering this is Fox (typically the lowest rated network when American Idol isn’t on) and it was a Friday, 4 million isn’t half bad. The trouble is that Fox assumes that it should be getting the same ratings as ABC, NBC, and CBS so they see 4 million differently. However, the top rated shows on the CW have the same audience.

The point of me bringing this up is that we viewers have a decision to make. Do we want to get invested in a show on Fox with a Friday night time slot with 4 million viewers on the cusp of an economic depression? Or should we just give up now? I say give it a chance. Even though Firefly was crushed, I still watch and enjoy the 14 episodes that I have. And, hey, with enough whining we got a movie out of it.

So go check it out. Interesting story, interesting characters, a lot of potential that I hope Fox has patience with. [please don’t cancel it, please don’t cancel it, please don’t cancel it]


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