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New Astro Photos – Moon

All of these photos were taken with a Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ and a Sony Cyber-Shot DCS-W90. I used a 6 mm eye piece. It was 8:15 PM, moon waxing gibbous, 3 June 2009. More…


Kimbo cuts her astrophotography teeth

This morning I got my astrophotography on. The first clear sky in a few days and I was up anyway. More…

Shuttle Discovery launched today

Shuttle Discovery was successfully launched today to embark on mission STS-119 to deliver a solar array to the ISS.

You can track the shuttle’s position from here and watch repeats of the launch (as well as other aspects of the mission) on NASA TV.

I can’t help but marvel at the fact that we consider it completely routine that we’ve launched several humans towards a space station in a metal cylinder moving at 17 500 MPH.

There will only be 8 more shuttle launches before NASA retires the shuttles and begins it’s Constellation Program. Humans returning to the moon. Wicked.

Halifax Planetarium: Public Show

Time: Wednesday 18 February, 7:30 p.m.
Location: Rm. 118 Dunn Building, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
Presenter: Quinn Smith (RASC)
Title: Binoculars and beyond – a tour of the Halifax night sky
Admission: $5 per adult. Reductions for accompanying children (8 to 16 years).

Do not be late, you won’t get in once the lights are down. Seating is limited — if you plan to attend e-mail with the number of adults and accompanying children to ensure that seats are available.

Edit: The original date I received was March 18, it is actually FEBRUARY 18. Please note the change (well…anyone who bothers to read this and lives in Halifax and actually cared).

Astronomy Pictures!

But not on my damn site. You have to go to Phil Plait’s blog for his choice of the Top 10 Astronomy Pictures of 2008. This was my favorite.


This meteorite exploded over Saskatchewan last week. Coolest thing ever (although kudos to that driver for not shitting themselves and then going off the road).