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Where did I go?

People who follow this blog (are there any of you? well just in case…) may have been wondering where the frig I went. Well, I have 2 blogs. One is called Skeptigirl and one is this. The reason I was posting to 2 different blogs was as an experiment in keeping the Skeptigirl blog to be very specific content and this blog other content.

That wasn’t working out so much. It became too unwieldy. So I figured the readership of my other blog can just deal with my nerdiness. So if you want to see posts like these (WoW PVP gear) head on over to Skeptigirl instead of here. This may change again in the future, so I’m keeping this blog around, but for now head there for all your nerdy needs.



Stephen Hawking rushed to hospital

Stephen Hawking, who wrote the best physics book ever, and is an all-around awesome science guy, is very ill with a chest infection and has apparently been rushed to the hospital.

Dr. Hawking, 67, has lived with ALS since the 60s — far beyond the usual life-expectancy for this diagnosis. Here’s hoping he pulls through his most recent illness.

Best/Worst day at work EVER

Imagine you work at a 7-11. You’re saving up money for college. You work weekends so you don’t see your girlfriend/boyfriend as much as you’d like, but what are you gonna do?

You get off class on Friday afternoon and head over to do your night shift. A guy walks in for some smokes. He smells like vodka. Ew. Whatever, he left. Febreeze covers all.

You stock some shelves before going back to the cash.

You’re there about 5 minutes when a masked man comes in, armed with a bat’leth. He asks you for money and when you refuse, he runs off. Because apparently he forgot he had brought a frigging bat’leth with him.

A bat’leth.

I bet you didn’t see that coming when you started your day.

Pseudo-philosophical Question of the Day

Is Wikipedia the humble beginnings of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? An ancient grandparent of a galactic informational tome. Or perhaps our entries were added to another great galactic tome but, through heavy peer editing, our article entries were skimmed down to the stub “mostly harmless”.


My disgust outweighs my “oh cool, ninja turtles” reflex. Check it out.


Well, it’s that time of year.

So, now comes the annual debate with myself – do I study? or do I play video games and read the books I bought myself for Christmas? How can I put down “Death from the Skies” when it’s just so frigging good? How can I stop playing WoW…ever? Even right now, what am I doing? I’m blogging, for crying out loud. If ever there was a perfect procrastination tool, blogging is it.

I’m doomed.

UPDATE: I printed my notes…then I played video games. I even did a dungeon…until we got pwned by the first boss due to lack of heals (well I mean, the healer was working his ass off but it still wasn’t enough due to the massive curses etc. even despite our heavy AoEs). Sigh. I’m so getting B’s this semester. :)


Coming soon. Stay tuned for updates on all things geek, gaming, and tech…well not *all* things. Just the cool things. In the meantime check out my sister blog, skeptigirl.