Kimbo cuts her astrophotography teeth

This morning I got my astrophotography on. The first clear sky in a few days and I was up anyway. More…


Old Buffy posts revisited – Characters

So the other thing I found was character summaries of the various Buffy characters to accompany our season summaries. We are some huge ass nerds. Man alive.  More…

Old website posts revived

I was going through some stuff I had from old websites and some were too good/sentimental/hilarious to not repost so for the next week or 2 (however many I have of these) I’m going to schedule a repost of some of these articles. For the first one, I bring you my scathing review of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen, which is easily one of the worst movies ever made. I wrote this back in 2003 when the movie came out, but it’s remained a bit of an inside joke in my house “oh look our favorite movie is on” when it is on TV. Wow, did I ever hate that movie. More…


Lost Live Blog (better late than never) – The Incident

So I watched the finale of Lost last week and got caught up in life stuff and didn’t blog about it. I also missed a few episodes in between. Oops. Anyway, here is my last Lost post for this season.

***** HERE BE SPOILERS ***** after the jump. More…


And we have our first casualty – thanks, Fox

Fox has cancelled The Sarah Connor Chronicles. On a cliffhanger, of course. Really, Fox? Really?! Fuck.

Well, at least this weekend brings the awesome of Terminator Salvation.

Edit: And there’s this pipe dream. Keep reaching for that rainbow, folks.


WoW Insider Fail

WoW Insider has some really great information. Like really. Sometimes way over my head advanced, awesome information. But sometimes they just really shit the bed. For instance. Some poor bastard is having the same trouble with his guild that everyone has and got the same generic “advice” that everyone gets. More…


Saving Dollhouse in 3 easy steps

Apparently Fox is considering renewing Dollhouse for a second season. And they will if they know what’s good for them (i.e., not having hard core Joss Whedon fans finally snap and firebomb the lot of them). As with most shows, it started off with the speed and grace of a cancerous space slug before finding its stride to awesomeness. More…